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Unable to select sorbing surfaces in React

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Thank you for a great workshop last week, everything was very helpful! I have a question regarding running surface complexation modeling using react. When I attempt to open config -> sorbing surfaces, sorbing surfaces is not an option. I am currently using The Geochemist's Workbench Standard 12.0. 

I previously was using 10.0.4, and the application still says that I am using that even after updating to 12. It looks like it updated the 10 to 12 but did not install a separate version only updated the current version to 12. I want to verify that is how it gets updated. 


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Hello Mariah, 

I am glad to hear you enjoyed the workshop!

With regards to your upgrade, newer GWB installation should replace the existing version on your machine and not install a separate version, so that doesn't sound like an issue. The option to configure sorbing surfaces is under File -> Open -> Sorbing Surfaces... in GWB 12. This option was moved to the Config tab in the later versions of the GWB. 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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