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Suppress warning messages in batch mode?

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We are developing batch jobs to run several hundred React scripts at a time. Occasionally during execution of the batch file, and seemingly randomly, an “error reading script” dialog box is written to the laptop’s screen with a message such as “Warning: node 0 has a charge imbalance of -1.023e-07 faradays. Cancel reading input script?” and includes buttons labelled “yes” and “no”. We are convinced the charge imbalance is not an issue because it is negligible, but the dialog box is inconvenient because it requires the user to physically hit the “no” button. This becomes a real nuisance in batch mode because the user must continuously monitor the progress of the run over durations of several tens of hours and hit the “no” button whenever the dialog box appears. Is there a way to suppress writing of these boxes?

We are using version 12 of GWB.

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Thank you for the additional information. There's no direct command that would turn off error dialog messages atrun time. When you are running your input scripts, are you picking up results from a previous simulation or starting a brand new set of commands? It would help to diagnose possible issues that's leading to the error being reported at read in time if you can provide an input script that we can use to reproduce the error. 

Also, I just want to let you know that control scripts (using the TCL scripting language), while can perform batch runs, may not be the best scripting option for running more complex inputs. For more complex scripting, you might be interested in using the Plug-in feature instead, which allows you to call GWB application(s) to perform calculations within another program. For more information and example using the Plug-in feature, please refer to chapter 7 of the GWB Reference Manual. 

Best regards,

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