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Cant open old GSS files with GWB2021

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Hello Johan,

I don't have your custom thermo dataset, but I was able to open your GSS file successfully if I load it with thermo.V8.R6+.tdat instead. To see this on your end, you can open the GSS file in a text editor, such as Notepad, and change the thermo dataset called in the line 




You can save the file and double-click it to launch in GSS. 

From your description of the problem, I suspect that the culprit is probably the custom thermo dataset loaded. In GWB2021, a known issue with tab spacing has been reported, where older files configured in a text editor with tabs are causing issues in TEdit and other GWB apps. If this is the issue, we have posted a release candidate with a fix and it will be included in the next maintenance release. Can you give this installer a try to see if you are able to open your thermo dataset and your GSS file?

If this doesn't help, can you please attach the thermo dataset so we can take a closer look? Are there any error messages when opening the thermo datasets? If so, please include those as well. 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi Jia

Thanks for your feedback. I have installed the "release cand" but it did not work.

Thats right, I cant open the thermo dataset also.

I have attached it - hope you can see whats wrong.





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Hello Johan,

Thank you for attaching your dataset. The issue here is that there are incomplete entries in your dataset that are causing TEdit to crash when trying to read in the data. The entries "H2AsO4" and "_Meta"  don't contain any reactants or Log Ks. To fix this, you can open your file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad++) and manually add in the mole weight, species for the reaction, and Log K(s). The entry H2AsO4 and _Meta starts on line 11784 and 42204 respectively in your file. Once you're finished, you can save and double-click again to open in TEdit.
For more information regarding thermo dataset formatting, please refer to section 3 Thermo Dataset in the GWB Reference Manual. 
Hope this helps,
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