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kaolinite dissolution to analcime ppt


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To make sure all of your Aluminum adds up you might start by looking at the amount of the Al+++ component in the fluid phase and tied up in minerals ("component in rock"). Once you're sure it's all accounted for, try looking at individual species or minerals with Al+++. Keep in mind they will have different mole weights and amounts of Al+++, so you'll want to choose appropriate units for making comparisons.


If you can't explain the lack of Analcime after checking this you can post your script here.


Hope this helps,


Brian Farrell

Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi Brian,

thank you for your response. Another question,first I speciated my reservoir rock with my formation brine. Than I picked up the whole system. At that point the GWB swapped my Al+++ with Analcime. I also have Kaolinite, Daphnite 14A, Kspar, and Saponite-Mg. All these minerals have Al+++. How would I account for the Al+++ content in this case since the Al+++ was swapped with Analcime?


Thank you

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Hi rvs,


If you have a closed system, then all of the Al present at the beginning of the simulation should be present at the end, although it may be in a different form. I would add up all the moles of Al in the various species and minerals to verify this. If you're looking at the printed output file, try checking the Original basis total moles section for Al+++, or the Elemental composition section for Aluminum.




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