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Problem running Tact on a new M1 MacBook Pro

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I have just transitioned to a new M1 MacBookPro computer, planning to run GWB Community edition on Windows 11 using Parallels Desktop as an emulator.  I have been running GWB Community on the previous computer on Windows 10. When I create a script in ACT2, I can create the script, edit it, etc., but when I save and reopen the file, I get an error message:

“Encountered an improper argument.” 

When I click OK, the error message goes away, and I can change things on the Basis screen, but when I plot them, it falls back to the previous values.  I also cannot make any changes to the appearance of the plot (Change scales, add or remove grid lines, etc). 

The problem first arose when trying to use scripts created on the previous computer.  I understand the M1 systems have not been checked, and they are incompatible with Windows 10 and Intel-based software. I do hope there is a simple fix for this problem, as I am trying to complete a publication, and was considering upgrading to a full edition.

Jeremy Boak


Na-H v SiO2 analcime v4.ac2

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Hello Jeremy, 

I am sorry to hear that you're having issues on your new Macbook. I suspect that the issue present is related to the M1 processor. Could you try closing all GWB apps and then rerun the installation as administrator? 

If that doesn't help to resolve the new issue on the new Macbook, I would suggest reinstalling on your previous computer for the time being. We are currently working towards a solution for compatibility issues on ARM systems.

Best regards,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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