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"basis entries are not independent"--ACT2

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Here is my problem:

I met a problem when i try to rebuild the figure below, which is under the T 215℃ and P 250bars:


And my dashboard is like this:


When i want to run it, a window come:


So i can't go on to test the first figure.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong, please?

And How can we put two temperatures:215 and 90℃ into one figure?

Thanks a lot!

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Guest Melika Sharifi

Dear Yzdm,


Thanks for sharing your files. I believe the plot you have attached is not a regular predominance diagram, but it shows several ones at different temperatures on one graph. You can get the equation of each equilibrium line using Rxn, or plot each one using Act2, and then overlay separate Act2 plots using Power Point. Please see the tutorial titled "How do I overlay my diagrams?" in the "using GWB section". For example, the script I have attached shows the equilibrium lines between SiO2(aq), quartz, and talc at 90 C. You can calculate other equilibrium lines using Act2, and then plot them all on one graph.


Also, I noticed you set a pressure of 250 bars for your modeling. The GWB's default thermo dataset, thermo.tdat, is compiled along the steam saturation curve from 0 - 300 C. You cannot set the confining pressure independently from the temperature, but you can certainly set the partial pressure (or strictlyspeaking, the fugacity) of gases.


Hope this helps.



Melika Sharifi

Aqueous Solutions LLC




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