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Adding water quality analytes to GSS


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Hi All,


I've been attempting to add water quality measures such as Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus to GSS. As these measures are an aggregate of different constituents I cannot specify a molar mass.  I have attempted to add them as a user-defined analyte and specified concentration and the units in mg/L. However, when I go to add these analytes to GSS the unit's default to mmol/l. I'm sure I've been able to add these measures in the past but have come up short. Any tips/guidance would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hi Clint,

We can look into the issue of units changing from mg/l to mmol/kg when no mole weight is specified. However, your “Total X” analytes should almost certainly be defined with the mole weight of the appropriate element (e.g. 14.007 for N or 30.974 for P).   

Even if you’re not sure about the mole weight, you might still add the analyte with mg/l default units and the element’s mole weight, and just not convert to mmol/kg. The undesired unit change only happens when mole weight is set to 0. Alternatively, make the analyte name something like “Total N (mg/L)” and choose “Number” for the dimension and unit.

Hope this helps,

Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions LLC

P.S. It's best to post on the front page of the GWB forum, not in the archive of old posts.

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