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New user: Solubility phase diagrams and Durov diagram

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Dear Brian/all members,

Please help me at your convenient time, I will be much happy if you can solve my problems. 

I have never use geochemist workbench software before, my challenging areas follows:

1. I want to swap and replace my pH values with total iron (Fet) values in the Durov diagram so that i can discuss the relationship between the high Fe concentration with the fluid compositions. 



2. Aluminum solubility phase diagram, Mg silicate phase stability diagram (Log Mg++/H+ VS pH), K silicate phase stability diagram (Log K+/H+  Vs Log a SiO2(aq)) and Na+/H+ Vs Log a SiO2(aq).

I have tried to plot these 4 diagrams, the first challenge I don't understand mg++/H+, K+/H+ data. So I tried to plot  Al, Vs pH for aluminum solubility, K Vs Si for K-silicate stability phase, etc.





1.       Mg silicate phase stability diagram (Log a Si Vs Log a Mg/H+)

I Have tried to plot the Magnesium silicate phase stability diagram, but I feel like is not correct.

I want to know how to plot my scatter data to overlap on the diagram like Aluminium solubility diagram.   




Attached is the data file.  Thank you.

Best regard



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Dear Usman,

The Durov diagram currently cannot be modified to include alternate axes variables, such as Fe concentration. You can alternatively try to use one of the other diagrams such as Ternary, Stiff, or Bar graph. In these types of diagrams, you can select the species on each axis. Please refer to section 3.6 of the Essential Guide for information on plotting your data.

To create diagrams with activity ratios as the axis variable, you would simply swap an activity ratio into the basis as described in section 5.1-5.2 in the GWB Essentials Guide. The procedure is essentially the same for K+/H+, Ca++/H+^2, and Mg++/H+^2.

You can overlay your data points in GSS data sheet to the Activity diagram. Go to 'File' --> 'Open' --> 'Scatter Data' and select the GSS file with your data.  Act2 diagrams are plotted in terms of species’ activities and fugacities, not chemical concentrations. You can calculate activities of your species in GSS directly or supply values as user defined analytes. Please refer for section 5.6 of the GWB Essentials Guide for more information on Scatter Data and section 3.3.4 for Calculated values.

Hope this helps.



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