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Plotting results from multiple experiments in the same Gtplot window

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Is it possible to plot multiple model runs one the same plot? This would be useful for sensitivity tests. For example, if I have a NaCl solution that I react with hot seawater containing dissolved CO2, the way the pH evolves over the course of the reaction depends, in part, on the starting concentration of Na+ ions. Say that I run the experiment twice; once for 0.5 molal Na+ and once for 0.05 molal Na+; can I plot pH vs time for both of those experiments on the same plot?

I attached an example of it in MATLAB. I exported GWB results to do it, but it would be faster if I could just use Gtplot.

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 16.51.37.png

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Gtplot is not currently able to plot multiple models in one window. However, you can save the result with each run with a different suffix every time you adjust the concentration of Na. You can plot the result in a new Gtplot window without overwriting the previous run. The suffix can be adjusted in the Output dialog under the Config menu.

Best regards,
Jia Wang

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