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Changing Units on Act 2 Eh vs. pH plot

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I recently started using the student version of GWB. I am using Act2 to make Eh vs. pH plots. I formatted my scatter data in GSS and input my Eh data in mV, but when I import the data into Act2 it will only display in V. Is there a way to change it to mV on the plot?

Also, I would like to only have one label in the legend for each type of marker. Currently, I have 2 sets of 8 samples, each set with a specific marker type. Is there any way to manually change the legend? I tried not entering a sample ID in GSS before importing the data, but it auto-fills the legend with enumerated sample names (see screenshot).

Thanks for your time,


Act2 - screenshot.png

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Hello Rosalyn,

Unfortunately, mV is not one of the default available units for Eh in Act2. You can, however, easily make the changes you mentioned above by editing the image in Powerpoint. To do so, you can copy(‘Edit’ -> Copy as ->Enhanced Metafile) and paste the image onto a Powerpoint slide. On your slide, you can right click on the image and ungroup the file and edit the values on the y-axis and change the label to mV. Similarly, you can alter the legend as well to erase any of the sample names and markers you do not want to display. 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang

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