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I want to create mineral diagram.

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I apologize for the delayed response. We don't get alerts for new posts in the archive pages. I have moved this thread to the front page.

Here are a few quick suggestions to help you get started:

With the "diagram species" selection, you choose the main species for which you want information. In this field, you can choose to select an aqueous species, mineral, or gas to diagram. The "in the presence of" field is used to modify the form of the main species by adding species and minerals that the main species can react with.

It seems like this diagram is similar to one of the examples, Aluminosilicates.ac2, in section 5.1 Diagram calculation of the GWB Essentials user guide. I would suggest that you start there if you do not have any additional information. All the minerals in the diagram are Al-bearing minerals, so I would keep Al+++ as the diagram species and swap it in for Kaolinite. The input file assumes the fluid is in the presence of Quartz. Adjust the temperature to 260 Celsius and then examine the diagram. Note that Act2 includes all minerals in the thermo dataset loaded by default. I suppressed some of the clay minerals (Beidellit-H, Beidellit-Ca, Heulandite, etc) until I manage to get most of the fields in your plot. Does the literature that this figure come from have any additional information regarding what was used in calculating this diagram? Without additional information, it would be difficult to proceed.

Also, I believe the dashed lines for the carbonate system is calculated separately and layered onto the same plot. You can create a separate diagram and overlay the two diagram for the composite in a graphical editing program like PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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