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Regarding the buoyancy-dominated multiphase flow of CO2 during geological storage

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Hi! I would like to know whether the factor of buoyancy is taken into account for CO2  geological storage, even though the gravitational trapping is considered for CO2 transport modeling in GWB. I mean both of them should be considered for CO2 transport modeling. Thanks for your response.




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Hello Polly,

The GWB does not account for buoyancy factor. The software accounts for the effect of gas on an aqueous system by gas partial pressure or fugacity. For example, you can set a gas partial pressure in equilibrium with your system, then have the software calculate the corresponding dissolved concentration of the gas. If you do not set a gas fugacity or partial pressure initially, the software will calculate the values given the composition of your fluid. It's important to note that the GWB does not keep track of the physical volume of gas in the reservoir. Additionally, please note that the reactive transport programs consider flow of the aqueous phase only; they are not multiphase simulators.

Best regards,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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