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Hello Kgaugelo,

When you create a new GSS spreadsheet, a set of analytes are preloaded onto the spreadsheet and SO4-- should be one of them. In the case that an analyte is added to the spreadsheet, it will not be available to be added again. If SO4-- is not added to the spreadsheet already, you may want to check if the species is available in the thermo database you are using. You can view the thermo file using TEdit by going to 'File' --> 'View' --> select the thermo file with the extension .tdat. Please refer to section 3 Using GSS in the GWB Essentials User's Guide for more information and example. You can open the user's guide by pressing F1 when you have a GSS spreadsheet open or from the GWB dashboard under the Doc's pane. If you would like to have someone to take a closer look, please attach your GSS file. 

Hope this helps,

Jia Wang

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