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Why is the fluid velocity not 0, if I set the input discharge to 0 m/yr?


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Hi, Sir or Madam:

1. I am trying to construct a model to test a model in which there is no advection and only diffusion. Therefore, I set the discharge to 0 m/yr (see following figures).

2. However, results show that the fluid velocity is not 0. It also shows variations with evolving time.

3. Anyone has any ideas? Do I wrongly mix some conceptions?



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Hello Huan,

Fluid of changing salinities will flow to fill the pore space in the domain. I am assuming that the chemistry of the inlet fluid and the initial fluid in the domain are fairly different. The effect of this on fluid velocity is extremely small, the plots shown are in units of meters per year in orders of 10^-6.

Hope this helps,

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