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Accounting for dissolved organic matter in solubility calculations

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Hi there,

I am sort of new in both the field of aquatic chemistry and especially software solutions related to it, so I hope my question is comprehensive. I am currently testing GWB for some speciation problems and was wondering how I could include generic DOM in the calculations. I switched from the default to the Visual MINTEQ database, but no DOM is included in the species list, as would be the case if I used Visual MINTEQ. Is there a way to account for DOM in Spec8, using the NICA-Donnan model?

Best regards

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The best way to edit a GWB thermo or surface dataset is to the TEdit, the graphical user editor, part of the GWB package. You can add organic species for your reactions to the corresponding sections of your thermo dataset. You can add a generic form of dissolved organic matter as a basis species, but please note that the GWB currently does not include the NICA-Donnan method for calculations of metal binding to organic matters.

For a summary of sorption and surface complexation models, please see section 2.6 in the GWB Essentials User Guide. A detailed description of the GWB dataset format is provided in the GWB Reference Manual.

Best regards,
Jia Wang

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