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2D reactive transport model (X2t)

Kirkoff Xn

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Hi there,
I would need your help in building a 2Dreactive transport model since it's my first time using GWB for this purpose.

The model aims to simulate arsenic (As) behavior during aquifer storage and recovery (ASR).
I have data from 3 ASR cycles (1 cycle includes Injection -storage-recovery) with injection and recovery rates. There are  1 ASR well and 2 monitoring wells.

When the ASR well turns to recovery (negative discharge rate), is it possible to retrieve groundwater data composition at the ASR well grid cell? 
This will serve to compare this modeled data with the observed one for further calibration. Same with both observation wells (It looks like I would need to set very low
recovery rate—instead of an ideal zero recovery rate for an obs. well—to retrieve the simulated data).

Thank you,

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You can plot an XY plot for any grid cell in a 2D reactive tranport model. In Xtplot, you can select the "Plot" menu option and select "XY Plot". Then double click on the screen to configure the variables for you X and Y axes. In your XY Plot configuration dialog, click on the X Axis tab and then select "Time" for the Display option. Then in the Position tab you can select the grid cell that you wish to plot. You can check the box for "Wells first" and all your well nodes will appear first on the list. You can then select to whatever variable you want to see varying over time on the Y Axis tab. If you would like to see more configuration options for Xtplot, please see section 6 in the Reactive Transport Modeling User Guide.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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