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How to get the X1t data?


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Dear all,

I ran a X1t test and got the restlu as follow, and I want to get the all square data(all time point data).

However, when I cheched the txt file, I could only get 10 time point data.

Could I get all time point data(as the follow fig square)? Thank you.


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Hello Betty,

You can export the Xtplot data by going to Edit -> "Copy" and then paste into an Excel spreadsheet. The program will export the data that is currently selected for plotting.

Separately from Xtplot, if you would like to print out more time slices in your text file output, you can adjust the dxprint interval in X1t under Config -> Output... dialog. By default, dxprint is set to 0.1, which tells the program to output data at every 0.1 reaction interval of your simulation. For more information on this setting, see the "dxprint" command in the X1t section of the GWB Command Reference.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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