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Import a WHAM database to GWB?

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Hi-- I am trying to find some guidance. I am trying to convert/add an organic metal ion complexation WHAM Model VII database to GWB, but I am having difficulty doing this. I have read the essential guides, the manual, the book, and tutorials on converting databases to GWB format. I think my problem is that I do not really want to enter in all the data by hand, but can not quite figure out the format in which I should have the txt/sdat/tdat file in to allow the tedit program to import the dataset. It doesn't extensively explain how I would build a new database from scratch. My thoughts were to look at the HFO database that comes with GWB and then edit the text file to add in my data but that does not seem to be working. I would appreciate any help with this.

Jaxon Dii Horne

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Hello Jaxon,

The TEdit application current accepts PhreeqC and EQ3/6 datasets for conversion to the GWB format.

Are you trying to create a surface dataset or a thermodynamic dataset? Surface datasets in the GWB loads its aqueous species from a thermodynamic dataset. You can see which thermodynamic dataset it is using from the header block located on top of the sdat file.

In general, I would recommend editing and creating new datasets with TEdit, especially if you are unfamiliar with the text file format. If you are still running into issues with this, please post the .tdat or .sdat file that you are having issues with so that we can take a closer look. If you can provide additional information regarding the dataset that you are trying to create, that will be helpful too.

I think you will find Thermo Datasets in the GWB Reference Guide and Using TEdit in the GWB Essentials Guide very useful. More information regarding the types of surface complexation models and sorption models are located in section 2.6 in the GWB Essentials User Guide.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC


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