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Need some help with the command tab on React

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I've been working on a model in React, and I am trying to run the entire file from the command tab, including the initial solution, heating, precipitation, fluid pickup, then cooling. My problem arises when I try and pick up the fluid, at which point all of my data is erased. Perhaps I am inputting it incorrectly? I am still fairly new at the program. Below is my command code. 

   > # React script, saved Mon Jun  1 2020 by RTG
     > data = Simmons.Psat350C.dat verify
     > conductivity = conductivity-USGS.dat
     > temperature initial = 25 C, final = 350 C
     > H2O          = 1 free kg
     > Na+          = 5000 mg/l
     > Cl-          = 7500 mg/l
     > SiO2(aq)     = 125 mg/l
     > Mg++         = .75 mg/l
     > pH           = 9
     > balance off
React> precip = off
React> go
React> precip = on
React> pickup reactants = fluid

^ Here my basis tab becomes completely empty.

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Hello Carnotaur,

When you pickup your results from a simulation as your reactant, it resets the basis pane for the new simulation. I am not sure what your model is trying to do but if you want to easily keep the same set of species in your basis pane, you can simply copy and paste all your commands again. Alternatively, another quick way to do that is to have two React windows open and use one for running your model while the other one just have your basis species. When you pickup the results as the reactants, you can then go to the basis pane of the React window that is not used for the run and left drag and drop the basis pane into the one that the results were picked up. This copies all the basis species into the basis pane from the original file. For more information on the pickup command, please refer to section 6.64 Pickup in the GWB Reference User Guide. For more information on drag and drop, please refer to section 1.7 in the GWB Essentials User Guide. 

With another look at the original post, perhaps the function you want is "pickup fluid", where the simulation results are used in the basis pane, instead of "pickup reactant = fluid".  You might also want to consider using the Run > History feature to see the history of commands implemented after triggers from the GUI.

Hope this helps,

Jia Wang

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