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Evaporation calculations

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Hi, I am wondering if there is a relatively simple way that I can input a set of groundwater chemistries (I have several thousand) and simulate an evaporation to 5x and 10 times salinity and calculate what the resulting pH and element concentrations (and mineral saturations) would be. Could anyone help me? I cant do it one at a time it would just take forever.


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There are several options to go about repeating simulations for a batch of analyses.

One option is to use the launch feature in the GSS spreadsheet. You can add your analyses to your spreadsheet, use the launch feature to run multiple samples in React at once and retrieve the output file. If you are performing an evaporation experiment, you can configure commands like "React -50 g of H2O" in the Options... dialog for all your simulation. You will need to open each output file to locate the desired results. For more information on Launch with GSS, please see section 3.5 in the GWB Essentials Users guide.

If you would like the program to process multiple samples and return specific results, you can look into working with the Plug-in or Control scripts feature. Both will require you to write your own scripts to tell the program what information you would want to retrieve. Please see more information regarding the Plug-in feature and Control Scripts,  sections 6 and 7, in the GWB Reference Command. An example for multiple analysis using control scripts is also given in the same guide in section 11..

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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Hi Jia,

You recently replied to my query to you, thank you.

You suggested I try  submitting a stream on the forum.  I tried to start it, but did not know how to proceed -- I looked for instructions on using the forum, but did not find any.  Here is the stream I tried to start -- I don't know what to do next.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks -- John


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