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Running Multiple X1t Scripts in Parallel

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Hello Kush,

I am glad you are finding GWBPlugin helpful. An instance of GWBplugin can only accept one X1t script at a time. You can program a Python script to run multiple X1t input scripts sequentially if you like. You can run multiple python scripts that call the GWBplugin at the same time, however, the reactive transport apps are already multi-threaded to take full advantage of all cores available on your machine. You can see Chapter 2.21, Multicore Execution, in the Reactive Transport Modeling Guide for more information.

A single-node type license can only be activated on one machine at a time. You can purchase multiple single-node licenses to run the software on multiple machines. Another option is to purchase a multi-seat floating license, typically used for serving a group of users across a company network. The number of concurrent users is determined by the number of seats purchased.

Best regards,

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