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Changing number of nodes in the system changes the output.

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I am modelling sorption of cations on a custom made surface species. In case of 30 nodes model is behaving perfectly. And for better resolution when we are running with 300 nodes by using relative quantities like (mmol/cm3), the sorption reduces drastically. Please let me know what could be the possible reason and how can we eliminate this inconsistent behaviour. 

One thing I noticed while doing sensitivity analysis is that, in Initial pane if we have one component in mmol, changing the number of nodes but keeping that component amount same gives different output. Please explain this.


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For details on how setting up different units can impact the final results of your simulation, see Chapter 2.7, Initial Conditions, in the GWB Reactive Transport Modeling Guide.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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