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Unable to get the saturation results in C# project in Debug mode.

Delli Babu

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Hi Team,

We have purchased the GWB essential license to calculate the chemical species saturation values by using SpecE8 plugin, which is included in GWB Essentials.

I have implemented a wrapper CLR DLL project in C++ which is linking the Gwbplugin.lib & referred in C# dot net project.

When I am debugging C# dot net project which calls chemplugin code mention below the C# application is getting crashed. 

var plugin = new ChemPlugin();

var input = new List<string>
                "decouple Fe+++",
                "9.500000 pH",
                "temperature 250.000000 C",
                "1.000000 free kg H2O"


var result = plugin.GetSaturationResults();

Could you please assist how to proceed further to continue to debug our C# application by getting saturation result from SpecE8, Chemplugin with some examples.



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If you need to run your project in debug mode, you must attach a debugger after the initialize call to GWBplugin, otherwise your program will encounter a run-time error. Please see the Plug-in Feature chapter in the GWB Reference Manual for more information. You can access any of the GWB user guides and reference manual in the Gwb folder where you installed the software.

If you are looking for example SpecE8 scripts, you can look in the Gwb -> Scripts folder for input files that end with the extension .sp8.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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