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Not working in the QA machine

Delli Babu

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Developers machine with Visual studio is installed, the GWB is working and returning results. But on QA machine where GWB is installed but none of developer IDEs Visual studio are installed - it is throwing error:

What can be done to resolve this error? The dlls are added correctly and present in the installed location.

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The ChemPlugin.dll is not included in the GWB Essentials package. This dll is only included in the GWB Professional Edition or in the stand-alone ChemPlugin SDK. Do you mean to call the GWBplugin.dll instead? The GWBplugin is included in all paid versions of the software. Please see the Plug-in chapter in the GWB Reference Manual for more information on the GWBPlugin.

Please note that the GWBPlugin and ChemPlugin are not the same.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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We are using the GwbPlugin to get the mineral saturations. Does Gwb internally calls ChemPlugIn ?
Is it possible to connect with anyone of your through teams/skype call as we have to discuss few things in details.

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