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How do I pass the species as a command to get the mineral saturation results

Delli Babu

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I am passing command for some of the species like below

Temperature 66 C
Pressure 1 bar
8 pH
314 mg/l Fe++
292 mg/l Cl-
85 mg/l Ca++
85 mg/l Al+++
285 mg/l Li+
500 mg/l Sio2(aq)
335 mg/l Mg++
371 mg/l Na+
314 mg/l K+
556 mg/l SO4--
314 mg/l (as P) HPO4--
55 mg/l (as NH3) NH4+
22 mg/l (as As) As(OH)4-
314 mg/l Ba++
28 mg/l F-
74 mg/l Pb++
49 mg/l Mn++
314 mg/l NO2-
56 mg/l Rb+
378 mg/l Sr++
85 mg/l Zn++
178 mg/l (as B(OH)3
1 mg/l (as H2S(aq)) HCO3-
10 mg/l (as CO2(aq)) HS-



Is it correct format for those species for units as converted into some other species.


178 mg/l (as B(OH)3
1 mg/l (as H2S(aq)) HCO3-
10 mg/l (as CO2(aq)) HS-

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The program accepts many different units for basis entry. The "as" syntax is not used quite correctly in your examples. You can find the correct syntax in the GWB Command Reference under SpecE8 Commands section. The "as" keyword can be used to constrain mass in terms of elemental equivalents or species equivalents in protonated or deprotonated forms. You cannot set a concentration in terms of a species unrelated to the component such as CO2(aq)) for HS-.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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