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Not giving the mineral saturation results when publish the project in QA environment in release mode.

Delli Babu

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  1. Not giving the results when I published it in release mode but gives the results when published in debug mode.
  2. Developers machine with Visual studio is installed, the GWB is working and returning results. But on QA machine where GWB is installed but none of developer IDEs Visual studio are installed - it is throwing error:
  3. We are using the GwbPlugin to get the mineral saturations. Does Gwb internally calls ChemPlugIn ?
  4. Is it possible to connect with anyone of your through teams/skype call as we have to discuss few things in details.
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Could you provide more details regarding the issue that you are having in release mode? When you say that it is not giving mineral the mineral saturation results, were you able to retrieve any other results? Were you able to run a speciation calculation using the GWBplugin in published mode at all? What version of Visual Studio are you using?

Is the error you are encountering in #2 related to #1? Please provide more detail.

The ChemPlugin is a separate product from the GWB Plugin, specifically the SpecE8 plugin. The ChemPlugin can also solve for mineral saturation but is much more powerful than the SpecE8 plugin. The GWB plugin does not call the ChemPlugin dll. Your team has spoken with our staff previously and determined that the Essentials Edition is the most cost effective solution at the time, which does not include ChemPlugin.

We typically prefer to answer technical questions via the Support Forum. I can pass your request onto our team. Would it be possible for you post to your questions so I can pass them along as well?

Best regards,

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We are only interested in mineral saturation result hence not interested any other results.
Were you able to run a speciation calculation using the GWBplugin in published mode at all => When we publish in debug mode it is working.

Visual studio version used - VS2019

Error number #2 is resolved by us,

If you can help on release mode publish issue.

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I am glad you got question #2 resolved. Unfortunately, I still don't have enough information to help diagnose problem #1. My questions were trying to assess the problem. It is not helpful to say that it does not work. Is running the plugin is the problem or just retrieving the results in release mode? Were there errors when you tried retrieving mineral saturation results and if so what are they? What have you done so far to troubleshoot and did any of it give you a better idea as to what might be the cause? There's very little that we can advise if you cannot provide more details.


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