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execution speed

T.C. Onstott

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running the new version of GWB Professional code made my hydrogen isotope problems go away.  thanks for the comments though.   i am now running a React code with two microbial reactions but the speed is quite slow.  is there any multithread options of way of increasing execution speed?   thank you


attached is code and databases  

GullfaksSRB120.rea isotopeno3-v3.txt thermo.com.v8.r6++SCisothiolamine-smec.txt

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Thank you for attaching your input file and databases.

A good start is to check the rate limiting factor by checking follow output on the Results pane and explain steps in the stepping dialog (Config --> Stepping). This will help you identify the limiting factor for a small time step in your simulation. You might also want to check if your parameters entered to see if they're what you expect. For example, shorten your simulation so that it completes in a reasonable length of time and plot the reaction rates to see if they are reasonable for your simulation. Perhaps this is different compare to what you are expecting. 

Perhaps there are additional complexities or factors that do not need to be accounted for in your model. If you notice a reaction barely progresses over the course of your simulation (e.g. a really stable mineral), then you might want to consider not including it in your simulation. 

If your simulation is still running slowly after the simplification mentioned above, you might want to consider closing other GWB applications if there are multiple open.

The reactive transport applications, X1t and X2t, are multithreaded to calculate the transport across nodal blocks and the chemical reactions occurring in each nodal. Since reactions are occurring in one nodal block in React, multithreading is not available. 

Hope this helps,

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