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Reference of equilibrium constants

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I'm looking for the reference of equilibrium constants of CaCl+ decomposition in the thermo.tdat database (shown in the figure). I went through the data sources that are listed in the database but didn't find anything. Could somebody point me to the reference?




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Hello Kewei,

The thermo.tdat database is compiled by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The references for this database are listed at the end of the document. You can see them in the Header section pane if you open the dataset in TEdit or at the end of the text file if you open it with a text editor. If you cannot find reference you need, you might want to look at the original report that was published by LLNL or consider contacting the original authors.

Here is the reference for the original report from the GWB Essentials User Guide:

Delany, J.M. and S.R. Lundeen, 1990, The LLNL thermochemical database. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Report UCRL-21658, 150 p.

Best regards,
Jia Wang 

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