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Can I make the Temperature-Pressure Phase diagram for CO2 using GWB?

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Hello, I am Jeonghwan, Hwang.

I'm trying to make a Temperature-Pressure Phase diagram for CO2.

My question is, can I make the following picture using GWB?

In this figure, there are Temperature on the X-axis and Pressure on the Y-axis.

Unfortunately, I cannot find to change the Pressure to X or Y-axis.

If possible, is there an example I can refer to?

Thank you


Jeonghwan Hwang


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Hello Jeonghwan,

I believe The GWB does not consider Pressure as one of the axis variables in Act2 and Tact in the way suggested by these diagrams.  While Act2 and Tact allows you to set the confining pressure, this only effects the position of the water stability limits and the stability fields of gases, but it does not affect the position of species and mineral fields. Please note that the default databases compiles thermodynamic data at 1 atm below 100C or along the steam saturation curve at 100C and above. If you like, you can compile a thermo dataset at higher pressure to diagram at higher pressure.

If you would like more help, perhaps you can explain in more details on what you are trying to diagram?

Best regards,
Jia Wang

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