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React Output Question


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I recently ran an equilibrium model in React and don't understand one of the output numbers. I keep getting an error every time I try to upload the output file, so I've typed out the numbers are below. For Step 100, the Minerals in System lists the volume in cm3 for three minerals, yet these numbers do not add up to the (total) of 10.55. Why is this? 


From Step 100, Minerals in System:

                        volume (cm3)

Barite:              7.887e-05

Dolomite:         0.3506

Fluorite:           0.1976

Total:                  10.55



Scott Hensel

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Hello Scott, 

Perhaps you set an inert volume for your system? The program will include any inert volume you set as part of the total mineral volume but won't list it in a separate line under "Minerals in system". The output text file should list the invert volume in the first block of text below the line Step #100. If that's not the case, I would need to take a closer look at the file to see why these values differ. Can you attach the input file? If there are issues with attaching files to the thread, please send the input file and the errors to support@gwb.com 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC

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