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alternative to activity specification in Act2 - ppm or mg/l?


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I want to be able to specify directly the concentrations for the species I am dealing with in Act2, rather than having to calculate activity to input into the UX. IS this possible? If not, is there a simple tool available to do these conversions? Thanks

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Activity diagrams require user to input the relevant activities or fugacities of species. The program uses a simple method to draw equilibrium lines and calculate stability fields. If you have a fluid analysis, you can use SpecE8 to calculate the distribution of mass amongst species. SpecE8 will also report the activity for each species which can be used to set up your Activity diagram. 

You may also be interested in the Phase2 application as well. Unlike Act2 and Tact, Phase2 requires the user to set up an initial system and prescribe reaction paths in the x and y axis. The program then solves the solution to a multi-component chemical system at each node numerically and assembles the result in a grid form. If you're interested in Phase2, please refer to chapter 7 of the Reaction Modeling User Guide for more information and examples.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang
Aqueous Solutions LLC 

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