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Hello Alex,

The GWB does not currently include a model for solid solutions. Olivine is a solid solution series with two endmembers, forsterite and fayalite, which are both included in thermo.tdat. You can however add intermediate members with discrete composition to the database if you like. You would need to include  the equilibrium constants associated with the mineral reaction. 
Please don’t post multiple topics about the same question. We hope you enjoy using the GWB.
Best regards,
Jia Wang
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With the GWB 2022 release, binary solid solutions can now be modeled. Either a Guggenheim or ideal activity model can be used, and either a continuous or discrete implementation can be chosen. Solid solutions can be defined in the database or configured by the user at run time. In your case, you could define an Olivine solid solution with end members Forsterite and Fayalite. For more information, please see section 2.5, Solid solutions, in the GWB Essentials Guide. Please see as well section 3.4.7, Solid solutions, in the Thermo datasets chapter of the GWB Reference Manual.


Brian Farrell
Aqueous Solutions

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