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Ion Scatter Diagrams

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Hi all,

I am currently trying to plot XY scatter diagrams of various analytes for my analysis. I am trying to plot a diagram of HCO3+SO4 vs Ca+Mg. However I cannot find a way to do this, I have only been able to plot diagrams of two ions i.e. Na vs Cl. 

Is there any easy way of plotting multiple ions on the same axis, e.g. HCO3+SO4 vs Ca+Mg, like that described above?


Many Thanks in Advance 

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Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately, there's is no way to select the two different components for the same axis in Gtplot. You can however, create a user equation that sums the components you want (e.g. Ca++ and Mg++) and add it to your GSS spreadsheet and plot that new analyte as an axis variable. To do so, click on "+analyte" on the GSS spreadsheet and then select "user equations" and click "edit". In the dialog that pops up enter the appropriate information and save. For the example of adding the Ca and Mg components together, I used the name [Ca] + [Mg], and selected the Category as "Components in fluid" and set the default units to mmolal. In the equation editor, I entered the equation ${Ca++, mmolal} + ${Mg++, mmolal}. Once you click "Apply", the new analyte should be added to your spreadsheet. If you launch an XY plot again, you should be able to find the component you just created under the "Components in fluid" Variable type in Gtplot. For more information, please refer to section 3.3.5 User equations in the GWB Essentials User Guide. 

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang

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