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Meaning of "Mineral Fields" in Eh-pH diagrams

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In Plot Area, what does it mean to bubble in "Mineral Fields"? Do Mineral Fields show more stable species? They seem to be stable in much wider conditions. Are the mineral fields even relevant to me in an electrolysis project? I ask because the paper I read showed SnO2 / Sn, which shows up with Mineral Fields selected. Where as having them unselected I get the following


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Hi Noam,

I think you are referring to the checkbox in the Appearance dialog, when checked shows mineral fields on the ACT2 diagram. Act2 can calculate Eh-pH diagram and show the stability of minerals and the predominance of aqueous species in a chemical system. The range of the stability field for the mineral would depend on the chemical system in which you are making this diagram for. If you uncheck the minerals fields, you are removing all minerals from the diagram calculation and telling Act2 to consider only aqueous and gas species for your diagram.

Hope this helps,
Jia Wang

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