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The illite/smectite/kaolinite stability diagrams (Garrels 1984)

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Hi, this is Jeonghwan Hwang.

I want to make a phase diagram of illite/smectite/kaolinite stability diagrams that was adapted from Garrels, 1984

I made almost similar figure with it, but i could not make illite and montmorillonite in it... (Galles.ac2)

I used other thermo data, V8R6+ (Galles-1.ac2), but it could not solve, neither. 

Are there any technical method to make it?

Thank you


Sincerely, Jeonghwan Hwang.






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Hello Jeonghwan,

Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. You might want to consider checking the equilibrium constants (Log Ks) in the existing database for the minerals of interest against the values used in the Garrels 1984 publication. To do so, use the TEdit app to open the database, in your case it would thermo.com.V8.R6+.tdat, and check the Log K values corresponding to each mineral. You can simply edit the thermo dataset in TEdit to match the values used in literature or make a duplicate to preserve the original values. After you have checked the equilibrium constants in the database, you might also want to try suppressing all minerals except for the ones in the targeted activity diagram so that less stable phases are considered.

Hope this helps.


Jia Wang

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The grey lines for Quartz and Amorphous silica looks to be super imposed on top of the stability diagram in the original publication. If you would like to add these lines to your Act2 diagram, the easiest way to do so would be to export the plot and add the lines in a graphics editor, like Powerpoint or Adobe Illustrator. 

On a slightly different note, Act2 allows user to overlay data points on top of the diagram, provided that the axis variables exist in your GSS dataset. If you like, you can create a dataset to scatter data points for where you will like to draw the lines, they can serve as guides for you in your graphics program. For more information, please refer to section 5.7 Scatter data in the GWB Essentials User Guide. 

Best regards,

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I want to let you know about an additional method to overlay Quartz and Am. silica solubility to your diagram. You can create a solubility diagram for Quartz and Am. silica in addition to your main stability diagram, then copy each to PowerPoint as an enhanced metafiles, ungroup, and assemble a composite diagram. You can create a simple Quartz diagram like in Act2 like by using this set of commands:

diagram vs SiO2(aq)
diagram SiO2(aq)
diagram on Na+
swap "Na+/H+" for Na+

To create a diagram for Am. silica solubility, you can suppress the most stable forms using the suppress command (suppress  Chalcedony Cristobalite Quartz Tridymite). 

Hope this helps,

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